There are many reasons why men may avoid taking steroids. Some believe it can actually make the body look worse, due to excessive bloating, acne, gyno (among other visual side effects). 

However, more well-known are the health implications — such as high blood pressure, liver damage, kidney damage, sabotaged testosterone levels and more. 

A man may also become infertile from long-term steroid-use, due to damage to the sperm. 

Thus, legal steroids, or more accurately described as ‘steroid alternatives’, are completely safe for men to take and do not pose any health risks. 

Although it’s believed that legal steroids are less effective than real steroids, this is still a positive trade-off, as men can still take their body to the next level. 

Brutal Force provides 5 different legal steroids for bulking or cutting. These are:

  • DBulk (Dianabol)
  • ABulk (Anadrol)
  • TBulk (Trenbolone) 
  • SBulk (Sustanon)
  • CCut (Clenbuterol 


DBulk is the legal steroid replica of dianabol. It is designed to mimic the same powerful muscle-building effects for users looking to get jacked in a hurry. 

DBulk is designed to maximize testosterone levels and create a positive nitrogen balance inside the muscle cells. 

DBulk is an oral drug like dianabol, however it doesn’t cause any of the side effects associated with the banned steroids. Such effects are: high blood pressure, liver damage and low testosterone. 

ABulk (Anadrol) 

ABulk is an anadrol alternative, one of the most popular bulking steroids. Anadrol like dianabol has huge power for adding mass to its users. 

ABulk is designed to give users the same muscle-building effects, but without: excessive bloating, high blood pressure and liver toxicity. There’s also zero chance of gyno for those taking ABulk. 


TBulk is a trenbolone alternative, that’s formulated to provide not just fat loss but also muscle gains. 

Trenbolone has 2 main drawbacks — it’s an injectable steroid and it is dangerous. 

However, TBulk is taken orally and is safe. 

TBulk usually would be taken when trying to bulk up, however it is also well utilized during cutting cycles; when trying to retain size and strength. 


SBulk is a testosterone alternative, based on the ester — sustanon 250. 

Sustanon 250 is known to bulk up users in the early and latter stages of a cycle. There are also fat burning effects with all test esters. 

The main issue with testosterone however is that it shuts down natural hormone levels, whereas SBulk will actually maximize natty test production. 

Also SBulk is an oral, whereas most versions of testosterone require injections. The latter form of administration isn’t ideal for the faint hearted. 


CCut is the legal steroid that imitates the exciting fat burning effects of clenbuterol. 

Clenbuterol is sometimes viewed as a cutting steroid, but it’s actually not of the anabolic steroid family. 

Instead, it is a drug first designed to help asthma patients. However, it was soon realised that men and women were becoming noticeably leaner after taking it. 

Bodybuilders then started using clen to get ripped for bodybuilding shows, greatly increasing muscle definition. 

However, clenbuterol isn’t perfect — it comes with an array of side effects, different to anabolic steroids. 

Clen’s side effects are attributed to it being a stimulant, thus blood pressure can become an issue; as well as anxiety, depression and insomnia. 

However, because CCut stimulates the central nervous system in a natural way, it produces little to no side effects in comparison. And CCut still burns fat in the same way, through heating up the body (thermogenesis). 


Can legal steroids reduce sexual desire, or cause erectile dysfunction?

No, unlike anabolic steroids — legal steroids increase hormone function (in the form of testosterone), instead of decreasing it. This means that everything downstairs will be working as normal (if not better) and your libido may also improve. 

Equally, this will be the case post-cycle, when someone comes off legal steroids. 

Which legal steroid is best for men who want to get ripped?

Getting ripped usually involves dropping body fat, which then increases vascularity and muscle definition. Thus, Ccut is the best fat burner from Brutal Force’s range. 

However, if a person is already skinny; getting ripped for them would be building lean muscle; thus dianabol would be a strong choice. 

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