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Did you know that Cotton Rosser died? Rosser was a well-known Cowboy in countries like the United States. Rosser is the Reno Rodeo’s “King” since 1950 when he won the saddlebronc riding championship. Rosser was injured in an accident and lost his legs. He retired from rodeo in 1956.

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How did Cotton Rosser die

Cotton Rosser, 93 years old, died in Reno Nevada on June 22, 2022. Many people searched the internet for Cotton Rosser’s obituary after hearing of his passing. What was Cotton Rosser’s Cause of Death? It is a common query for all.

His family has not yet revealed the details of his death. The family is deeply affected by the loss and regret of Cotton Rosser. They are not willing to give too much information about their loved ones. According to media sources, the Cotton Rosser Age is around 93. Maybe his death was accidental.

Rosser’s Rodeo

Cotton Rosser’s loved ones have not revealed the details of his death. As they are not in the right mental state, we shouldn’t expect them to divulge more information at this time.

Cotton Rosser was born August 5, 1928 in Long Beach, an American city. He graduated from one of Long Beach high schools. He obtained his bachelor’s from a highly regarded Californian college.

After hearing about the death of Cotton Rosser, many people began to search for Cotton Rosser Obituary via search engines. The words were quickly ranked in search engines within a short time. Cotton Rosser was a stock contractor and producer of rodeo events. He was the former owner and Reno Rodeo Stock Rancher of Flying U Rancher.

Rosser’s Achievements

Rosser won in 1950 the Reno Rodeo’s saddle bronc riding contest. In 1995, the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame awarded him recognition for his accomplishments.

In the same year, he was awarded the PRCA Donita Barnes Award to Lifetime Achievement for Contract Personnel.

Cotton Rosser Obituary, and His Family

Rosser, as everyone knows, has now left this world. Cotton Rosser was an excellent family man. Karin is his wife. The five children that were born to this union are named Katherine Lee, Cindy, Reno and Reno. Reno is also the father of Flying U Rodeo’s stock contracting business Rosser Rodeo.


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