There are many types of mobile apps in the Google Play Store, but you can’t be just one. Finding the best is a bit confusing. There are many similar apps that can be confusing when choosing the best app. Now is a great time to say goodbye to some of the old Android apps you don’t really use anymore when passing New Years Resolution 2020.

  1. 9 apps: the 9 apps are like a play store. The best alternative to PlayStore. 9 applications developed by Alibaba Group, a famous Chinese company. If you want more information about this app, click Download the app from the appropriate play store. 9 You can also download Android apps from the app store. The difference is that downloading from nine app stores reduces the size of the app. Assuming you download the YouTube app from the play store, your phone will have 34.72MB of free space (latest version 14.39).
  2. Cartoon HD: If an app like Cartoon HD app is installed on the device, there is a distance from your fingers for all the fun and enjoyment. This mobile app will be downloaded via This app is more fun for those who like to watch cartoons and movies from smart devices. However, now it is spread around the world as a full featured app that includes movies and TV shows.
  3. Bumble: Creating a new connection has never been easier thanks to your Android device. Bumble is an Android app that has simplified the dating process and made it more secure, allowing you to date the right person. This Android mobile application allows consumers to browse potential connections around the world. The most interesting part of the Android phone app is that in a more meaningful discussion even women get the chance to take the first step.
  4. Zomato: Once again, using one of the best Android apps, Zomato, you can find a restaurant near you, eat out, order and receive food online. Check out restaurant photos, menus, and user reviews to decide where you want to eat. The zomato map function will guide you. This Android app has many other unique features that meet customer needs like take out, table reservation, discovery, etc.
  5. Google Find My Device: Google Find My Device is the best free Android app ever to help you with your device lost or stolen. It is very easy to use and can help you find a lost device, reset pins, or access your passcode. Most importantly, all data can be deleted. It’s a cool feature like geolocation and remote data deletion. It is one of the best apps for Android; stay connected and protect your android device.
  6. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is one of the applications required for the security of Android devices. Apps protect devices against malware threats. It has the best anti-theft features in places like location finder and remote data wipe. In addition, the security of bank details is taken into account. That’s why Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus was added to the list of best Android apps in 2020.
  1. Cam scanner: This is one of the essential Android apps. CamScanner scans documents using your phone’s camera. With intelligent auto-cropping and expanding, text is crisp. In addition, documents in JPEG / PDF format can be shared very easily. CamScanner can synchronize documents with multiple Android devices. CamScanner has been on the list of best apps for Android because it might be a knowledge for students.
  2. Spotify: Spotify apk is one of the top 10 coolest android apps because it has access to music from all over the world. Listen to your favorite music and create personalized playlists. When you download this app, there is also a playlist that you can use immediately. Therefore, it is easier to get started right away.
  3. Telegram: WhatsApp hasn’t had any rivals in the market so far. However, Telegram complies with this standard. This is a free app with end to end encryption. Telegram is a fun messaging app and has a lot of other great features besides messaging. Hence, Telegram is one of the best apps of 2020.


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